Why Behind the Scenes Content is Important in Making Your Site Successful


Things to Consider

Never mind the fact that Google will penalize you for failing to provide things like a privacy policy.

But I would like to think that you really care what your customers think of you.

Because the Internet is like a mall with disparate stores and services located all over the world, it's important for you to gain your customer' s trust and put them at ease when doing business with your company.

Many companies are not like the local hardware store or service center where the customer can walk in, talk to a salesperson or manager face-to-face when making a decision to purchase or use their services.

It's not good enough to just have a listing of products and services with an Internet business, you need to make sure that your potential customers can easily find your policies, and get basic questions answered.

Simple Solutions

You can do this by providing easy to find links to your privacy policy, terms and conditions, your shipping and returns policy if you sell products, your contact information including physical location, and an about us, about our team, or about the company.

And while it's not required, having an FAQ, frequently asked questions, page will go a long way towards helping your potential customers get answers to some of their basic questions.