Putting Your Customers First

Have you ever had to call into customer service, and either gotten a hold of someone who acted like they didn't want to be there, or worse, gotten caught up in automated telephone attendant hell?

It has happened to me more than I care to think about.

This usually seems to happen with utilities, government offices, and companies who have gotten so large that they forgot that it was the customer who got them there.

Thankfully I don't do work for any of these types of companies. Unfortunately, and especially in the case of the large company who forgot the importance of their customer, the customer service representative is usually not very high on the pay scale and doesn't try to excel at their job.

I'm not making excuses for their behavior, but it makes me think the company is just trying to fill a seat.

On the flipside, and also thankfully, I've reached many more kind, thoughtful, and truly helpful customer service representatives, than those you wish you could strangle.

The types of companies who hire better customer service representatives realize the importance of keeping good customers satisfied. Read the whole story to see the solution.

Wednesday, Nov 01, 2017 by Madison James