Selling Online

It's unfortunate, but many new businesses, and even a few that have been around for many years, fail to take advantage of selling online.

Surprisingly, many of the concerns I hear from new business owners are not about cost of the investment.

Clients cite things such as shipping problems and being able to keep up with the potential growth spurt.

While these and other concerns, are valid…

Selling online, commonly referred to as e-commerce, is as, and sometimes more important than, hiring sales people.

While there are still expenses incurred in managing an e-commerce website, those expenses don't rise to the level of employee expenses.

A website doesn't take a vacation, doesn't call in sick, and doesn't go home at five.


You have a much greater potential of increased ROI, return on investment, with an e-commerce website as compared to a salesperson or persons.

I'm not saying that an e-commerce website is a snap your fingers solution to all sales numbers, however, since the very first e-commerce site I built for a client in the late 1990s, every site has increased sales by a far greater percentage than the investment it took to create the site.

That was 20 years ago, the technology was efficient but relatively slow, and the bandwidth was horrible.

For the next 12 years technology continued to grow and I continued to hone my skills, most importantly in the area of SEO, search engine optimization.

Much greater opportunity today

Since I started my association with nopCommerce, an open source shopping cart solution, based on Microsoft's MVC technology, in 2012, things have gotten even better.

As open source software, you can download nopCommerce for free.

If you know how to configure your own hosting and have a reasonable understanding of working with Microsoft software you can get started on your own.

If however, you need a customized solution, you are unhappy with your current shopping solution, or just want to take advantage of our experience and expertise in writing, SEO, search engine optimization, or need help across the board with a complete digital marketing solution, we can help your company.

Fast forward 20 years from that first e-commerce site…

Today, nopCommerce, (you can read much more about the company here),  has evolved into what we feel, is the best e-commerce platform for small to medium sized businesses.

One of our largest clients, using nopCommerce, has increased their overall sales more than 30% in the last six months. And last week we put the finishing touches on their email marketing campaign for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Early indicators are that they will match 25% of their six month total, over a one-week period of sales.

The bottom line

If you have a product to sell and are not already selling online, or you're online and are not satisfied with your sales, it's time to take a look at another solution.

Whether you choose our company, choose to download nopCommerce and get started on your own, or decide to go in another direction completely, let us know how we can help.

If you choose to use a different software solution than what we prefer to work in, we can still help you with your SEO, search engine optimization, and content writing.

No matter which direction you go, make e-commerce a part of your overall business plan… And Stop Missing Out on Sales

Tuesday, November 28, 2017 by Madison James