Here's a video from Neil Patel that I think will help any of you trying to get started with SEO.

Neil is a great inspiration to anyone wanting to break into Content Marketing and SEO.

I subscribed to his emails sometime ago and have found his information to be extremely helpful for my business.

He's entertaining and funny, but you should take his information very seriously, these three tips are some of the most important things you can do to improve your ranking on Google.

So hopefully… You've listened to the video by now. I go over the material he's presented here as well as much more in our SEO services area in a much more in-depth fashion.

Here's just a brief summary of Neil's Tips.

The three tips he's presented here are, Make Your Content Thorough, Keywords in Title & Meta-Description, and Using the Google Search Console.

Make Your Content Thorough should really be the cornerstone of any content marketing or SEO project you're involved with.

Keywords in Title & Meta-Description has always been important, but since Google stopped focusing on the meta-keywords themselves, Keywords have taken on new meaning.

What Neil is saying is that the Key Words in your content should appear in your title and your meta-description.

The meta-keywords section is still present in the header of webpages but has been deemphasized by Google. It was the area most taken advantage of by keyword spammers.

It was this keyword spamming that led Google to change its search algorithms.

Using the Google Search Console is just one of several tools that Google provides to webmasters to help them optimize their pages, which in turn creates a much better experience for the consumer.

Hopefully, Neil's presentation got you inspired to improve your rankings.

If you think that this information will help your website but you don't feel comfortable doing the work yourself, reach out to either Neil or myself, and let's get your pages ranking higher!

Friday, January 19, 2018 by Madison James