My name is Kimberely Greene,

I'm currently the Senior Software Engineer at an electronics distribution company in Dallas, TX. I'm also an associate of Web Writer Associates providing my software development and SQL Server expertise from time to time.

I started my career in IT with an Associate of Applied Science (AAS), Computer Information Technology (CIT) Degree in 1993.

From 1993 through late 1997, as a Programmer/Analyst I was responsible for analysis design and development, first in FoxPro and eventually in Microsoft Access of various custom applications, from managerial reporting of sales and profits, ticketing applications based on shared table seating requirements, to real-time credit card processing and settlement.

From late 1997 to early 1999 first as Senior Programmer/Analyst in the development and support of custom marketing apps in FoxPro, and then as Senior Application Developer in the development of document management systems including optical scanning.

From mid-1999 through mid-2002 working as a consultant and contractor, as lead developer in the upsizing of two Microsoft Access-based apps to SQL Server with functional enhancements and corrections for a large city Police Department.

As team developer in the Development and support of Java-based reports for an intranet web portal for a Sporting Goods Manufacturer.

As team developer in the Development and support of enhancements to custom Inventory Management System for the streamlining of SYSCO delivery receiving and associated accounting. Integration of data flows between FoxPro 2.6a for Windows and VB 6.0 for a regional fast food chain.

As lead developer in the Development, deployment, and support of custom “Web Parts” for SQL Server Digital Dashboard (precursor to SharePoint), providing business intelligence and knowledge management apps on an intranet portal. Integration with Oracle 8 and Microsoft Access data for a corrugated paper manufacturer.

As team developer for the Development of data interfaces between SQL Server 2000 and Unix COBOL line-of-business package from NDS Solutions, including automation of handling for bad data and for communication failures between systems for a construction equipment distributor.

As primary developer and DBA in the Development, deployment, documentation, and maintenance upgrades for a centralized Licensing system, allowing the in-house Legal department to track liquor licenses, various operational permits, and violations for over 1,000 locations worldwide. Smooth migration of data and procedures from the multiple tools used previously (Visual FoxPro, Microsoft Access, and Excel) for an international restaurant chain.

As team developer and DBA in the Development, deployment, and maintenance of front-end for Visual AccountMate ERP package to support reverse logistics of computer hardware, using Visual FoxPro 6.0, VB 6.0,,, SQL Server 2000 for a Compaq/HP Refurbishment Partner.

From mid-2002 to mid-2003 as a Contract DBA, for Nokia, as the lead developer in the Design and development of a VB.Net app used to import Brazil's XML warranty data into Global Repair Database. And as DBA to Design and develop nightly maintenance jobs.

Perform daily preventative maintenance including monitoring and tuning production SQL Server databases. Design and develop database tools used by in-house developers, utilizing VB.Net and SQL DMO. Responsible for all database change management, including the development of SQL scripts to migrate development to test to production, for all application upgrades, and with Extensive use of SQL Server Data Transformation Services (DTS) in supporting systems for processing mobile phone warranties.

From mid-2003 to early 2011 working as a consultant and contractor as Senior Applications Developer in the Development of interface between vendor’s pricing and valuation data in Visual FoxPro, Microsoft Access-based tools for ad-hoc query, and customer’s legacy line-of-business and accounting packages for a Rare Coins Dealer.

In the Migration of custom ASP, T-SQL, and Visual FoxPro code as part of sweeping upgrades of all operational, financial, and administrative systems. Rapid development of VB.Net barcoding app for order fulfillment for a Home Décor Manufacturer.
In the Development of Full-Text Search for Order History, including nightly ETL of legacy data Unix COBOL ERP system into SQL Server 2000 for a Building Materials Distributor.

As Senior Applications Developer designing a Prototype tool to populate automatically an e-commerce database by merging and reconciling ERP data (inventory and pricing) in SQL Server 2000 with legacy catalog pages in Corel Draw (reflecting product images and presentation format) for an Ornamental Metals Foundry.

In the Unification of ASP and ASP.Net apps, including upsizing from Microsoft Access and merging with SQL Server 2000 databases. Development of warranty claims export to Motorola. Development of Parts Inventory front-end to Visual AccountMate ERP package for a Mobile Phone Repair/Refurb company.

As Web Applications Developer in the Administration of transactional replication between web site and CMS system using SQL Server 2000, upgrading to SQL Server 2005 for an Insurance Education Training Center. And the Development of CMS web site using C#, Visual Studio 2005, and SQL Server 2005 for a Wholesale Retail Marketplace.

As Senior Applications Developer designing Enhancements, maintenance, and support of telemarketing apps, sales commission statements and bonus reporting, ADP payroll interface, merchant "boarding" (enrollment of new accounts), and billing for special services such as signature capture; using C#, Visual Studio 2003, SQL Server 2005 for a Credit Card Processing Company.

As Web Applications Developer in the Development of ecommerce web sites including database integration with backend ERP systems. Rapid development of C# web applications utilizing Visual Studio 2008, SQL Server 2008, and zNode’s .NET ecommerce software for a Fortune 100 Pharmaceutical Distributor.

And the Full development lifecycle on multiple successful e-commerce and CRM projects, utilizing SQL Server 2000/2005/2008, DTS, Visual Studio 2003/2005/2008 (C# and VB), ASP.Net for a Fortune 30 Pharmaceutical Distributor.

And since early 2011 the Senior Software Engineer at an electronics distribution company in Dallas, TX.

My varied experience serving external and internal customers in organizations large and small, combined with both broad and deep skills in custom development of web, desktop, and client-server apps using numerous languages, databases, and tools, including Visual Studio, Java, SQL Server, Microsoft Access, C#, and Oracle.

Emphasis on integrating specialized functionality such as image processing, network sensing/awareness, unusual data format transformations, etc., Is invaluable in finding a solution to handle your company's needs.

Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD)
Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS)
Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD)
Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA)