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Finally, after many years of working as a contractor to other companies, and even after forming Web Writer Associates in 2014, I have finally taken the time to finish getting a website online.

It's ironic that as a database developer, website developer, copywriter, SEO and marketing expert, it should take so long to get this finished. The truth is, I'm just very picky about the product that I put out, and the platform that I build it on.

This site is built on Umbraco, one of the two main platforms we use.

This project would get started and then get put on hold because a customer really needed my expertise on a new project for them. It's this dedication to customer satisfaction, that has made me and my associates successful when helping small and medium-size businesses with their marketing and online needs.

Over the last several years this happened so many times that I recently decided to start all over because of the changes in technology, the development platforms we use, and the continually changing SEO requirements.

Web Writer Associates was formed because even though I have several areas that I specialize in I still need help from time to time with various aspects of certain projects.

Because of relationships I've formed over the years with other developers we are able to provide a solution to any problem or need that a small to medium sized business may have.

Based on feedback from several of my clients, we've decided to add bios for three of us that are central to most of the solutions that we provide. You're more than welcome to call or email if you don't see an answer to any questions you may have about us, either in this area, or in our FAQ.


Madison JamesHello,

I'm Madison James, founder of Web Writer Associates.

My expertise in IT started when I began creating database management routines for several companies I was involved with, in 1987, using an old flat file program called Nutshell.

This included inventory management and manufacturing specifications used for tracking and product management.

In 1993 I began looking for a more robust platform and opted for working with Microsoft, first with Access on a desktop client based platform before becoming proficient with SQL Server during an Internet web site project for Fleischmann's Yeast in 1998, and an Intranet project for Anheuser Busch in 2000.

In 1994 while building up my consulting business I took a one-year contract to teach at a computer Learning Center, mostly specializing in Microsoft products.

It was during this time that I also got involved in network engineering, but because Microsoft was really in its infancy when it came to networking I first got certified as a Novell administrator.

Late in 1995 as Microsoft began to gain traction in the networking arena I began getting certified in various Windows programs and became a Microsoft Solution Provider later in 1996...

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Kimberely GreeneHi,

My name is Kimberely Greene, 

I'm currently the Senior Software Engineer at an electronics distribution company in Dallas, TX.

I'm also an associate of Web Writer Associates providing my software development expertise from time to time.

I started my career in IT with an Associate of Applied Science (AAS), Computer Information Technology (CIT) Degree in 1992.

From 1993 through late 1997, as a Programmer/Analyst I was responsible for analysis design and development, first in FoxPro and eventually in Microsoft Access of various custom applications, from managerial reporting of sales and profits, ticketing applications based on shared table seating requirements, to real-time credit card processing and settlement.

From late 1997 to early 1999 first as Senior Programmer/Analyst in the development and support of custom marketing apps in FoxPro, and then as Senior Application Developer in the development of document management systems including optical scanning.

From mid-1999 through mid-2002 working as a consultant and contractor, as lead developer in the upsizingof two Microsoft Access-based apps to SQL Server with functional enhancements and corrections for a large city Police Department.

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Patrick Shawn AyreHi,

I'm Patrick Shawn Ayre, 

I'm a professional photographer and graphic artist.

When Web Writer Associates takes on a project that requires professional photography or a great deal of graphics creation they give me a call because of my expertise in getting… Just the right shot.

I don't really have a huge bio like my associates because there's only just so much to say about taking great pics.

What I will tell you is that the e-commerce sites we develop include very high resolution product images.

I've been a professional photographer for almost 15 years using Canon cameras, Adobe software products like Photoshop and Lightroom, and as we move towards video in some of our projects we'll be using Adobe Premier.

On a personal note, I've begun doing a bit of drone photography and video but there has yet to be a need for that part of what I do in the projects that Web Writer Associates has taken on.

I am working on a joint project with Web Writer Associates to create a stock photography site using both nopCommerce and Umbraco.

Hopefully I'll be able to showcase my work when we get that project finished.